11-Month-Old Activities

Ticking Away

Hide a ticking clock in a shoe box. Place the box near baby. Encourage baby to find it by listening for the sound.

Meaningful Sounds

Encourage baby to "tell" you what he or she wants when pointing to something. This gives baby practice in using sounds to communicate.


Show baby how to nest a 3/4-cup measuring cup into a 1-cup measuring cup. You can also demonstrate how a small plastic bowl fits into a larger one. Can baby do it? Give lots of praise. You can also practice turn taking with this activity.

Go Get It

Show baby one of his or her favorite toys. As baby watches, hide the toy somewhere in the room. Then say to baby, "Go get the (name of toy), please." Praise baby for his or her efforts in retrieving the toy.

Felt Book

To make a book, stitch a stack of felt squares together on the left-hand side. Cut out simple shapes, such as a ball, a flower, a house, a star, a heart, and a car, out of felt. Glue them to the pages of the book. Encourage baby to feel the soft pages as you point to and name the objects in the book.

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for Babies.

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