December Activities
24 - 36 months

In the Slot

Find a small container with a plastic lid. Cut a 2-by-1/4-inch slit in the lid. Place the lid on the container. Let your child drop poker chips through the slot into the container. When all the chips are gone, help your child take off the lid, dump out the poker chips, and start again.

Practice, Practice

Set out a large stuffed animal and several simple articles of clothing such as a hat, a shirt, a vest, a scarf, and a pair of socks. Help your child practice putting the clothes on the animal and taking them off again.

Talk, Talk, Talk

Establish an environment that is rich in language. Talk with your child about daily routines(mealtime, dressing, bedtime), household activities, common objects, people, and other events. Take your child to interesting places so that you will have new things to talk about. Your child will learn many new words during visits to the grocery store, church, the post office, the library, and other places you routinely visit.

Food Collage

Cut out magazine pictures of foods that your child likes to eat. Help your child brush glue on a paper plate and place several pictures of these foods onto the glued surface.

Cookie Cutter Prints

Make a paint pad by placing several folded paper towels in a shallow container and pouring on some liquid paint. Help your child press a cookie cutter onto the paint pad and then onto paper to make a lovely print. Talk about the color of the paint and the cookie cutter shape with your child.

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for Two's and A Year of Fun: Just for Three's.

Monthly Activities