December Activities
12 - 24 months

Cookie Art

Set several holiday cookie cutters on a piece of paper, trace around them, and then cut them out. Help your child spread glue on the shapes. Then help him or her sprinkle confetti or glitter n the glue to decorate the "cookies". Tape the cookie pictures to the front or your refrigerator for everyone to enjoy.

Bell Fun

Tie bells to your child's shoes or string a couple of bells on a ribbon to tie around one of your child's wrists. Encourage your child to make music with his or her bells as you sing holiday songs or the song "Jingle All the Way". (Supervise the use of small items and put them away when you are not watching.)

Shake It Bottles

Drop a teaspoon of glitter into a small plastic bottle. Fill the bottle with water, fasten the top securely, and then wrap it with strong tape. Give the bottle to your child and encourage him or her to shake it and watch how to glitter floats up and down. Use your imagination to make up different bottles for your child to play with. Use white glitter to make a snow bottle.

Circular Book

Cover a round oatmeal container with pictures. Tape the edges of the pictures securely to the container. Let your child enjoy rolling and playing with the container, watching the pictures appear and disappear as it rolls across the floor.

These activities were taken from A Year of Fun: Just for One's.

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