Benedictine Roots in the Development of Deaf Education

Listening with the Heart

By: Marilyn Daniel

Keywords: Deaf Education Information, Books and Journals, Deafness Specific Professional Resources


Examining the educational instruction of the deaf individual form its Benedictine beginning to its present condition at Gallaudet University, this book traces the historical pedagogical affinity among Pedro Ponce de Leon, Juan Pablo Bonet, Charles Michael de l' Epee, Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Edward Miner Gallaudet. The author provides the historical and philosophical basis for Jewish and Christian beliefs concerning the condition of deafness and then introduces Ponce de Leon, credited as being the first teacher of the deaf. The essence of this Spanish Benedictine monk's methods and manner of teaching have been continued by those who succeeded him. The author traces this development from Spain through France and then to the United States.

This book identifies a depth of information in the following areas:

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