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CEC/CED Standards Revisions

Developing New CED Standards for Teachers: A Chronology

Over the last decade state departments and profession organizations have been engaged in the revision of standards used to certify or license teachers and administrators. The Council on Education of the Deaf (CED) has also been involved in the process of standards revision in conjunction with the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) which is the NCATE representative learned society for professional educators serving students with special needs. CEC Standards for Special Education Teachers have been used by NCATE in its accreditation process for teacher preparation programs for a number of years.

The CED Standards Revision Committee was composed of two individuals from each member group: ACE-DHH, A.G. Bell, and CEASD. Robert Truax and Gerilee Gustason represented ACE-DHH. Kathee Christensen, President of CED and a member of ACE-DHH, was the co-chair of the joint CED-CEC Standards Revision Committee with Susan Easterbrooks, chairperson of the CEC Division for Children with Communication Disorders.

The first joint meeting of the CED/DCCD Standards Revision Committees was held in June of 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia. Present were approximately 30 individuals representing the CED member organizations and the various organizations that regularly confer with CEC and are represented in DCCD. Subgroups, using CED and CEC standards and guidelines, prepared standards statements which were then discussed and revised by the joint committee as a whole. Later in June 1993 at the CAID Convention in Baltimore, CED Standards Revision Committee members met again to continue discussion and development of standards statements. The statements developed jointly in Atlanta and by the CED committee in Baltimore were combined with DCCD statements developed during the summer of 1993 into a draft of standards for teachers of students who are deaf and hard of hearing. The preparation of this draft was carried out primarily by Kathee Christensen and Susan Easterbrooks in consultation with various CED and DCCD committee members.

In December 1993 at Gallaudet, the combined CED-CEC Standards Revision Committee met again to review the draft of statements and revise them. The revised standards statements that came out of the December 1993 meeting were sent to CEC. This draft of standards statements was then sent to over 300 individuals for response. CEC received feedback from 215 individuals. Various organizations with special interests in the education of students who are deaf and hard of hearing also received copies of the draft standards statements and provided input. Revised standards statements that incorporated input from individuals and organizations were then presented to the CEC Committee on Standards whose primary functions were to identify areas that needed clarification and check for consistency of language use. Kathee Christensen and Susan Easterbrooks responded to the committee's requests for clarification and language use changes. In June 1994 at the CED meeting in Rochester, NY, at the A.G. Bell Convention, Kathee Christensen shared results of everyone's efforts.

CEC has prepared a final draft of its standards, including those in the area of the education of students who are deaf and hard of hearing, for validation across the field. The process has involved much hard work. Like all such committee work, opportunities have been available for those who participated to develop new insights. A special thanks needs to be extended to Kathee Christensen and Susan Easterbrooks for their extraordinary efforts! I, for one, who just had an NCATE site visit in 1993 and will have a CED site visit in 1994, look forward to the time when one document and one site visit will suffice!

...Roberta Truax