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CED Meeting In June

Kathee Christensen conducted her final CED Board meeting as President (representing ACE-DHH) in Rochester. Kathee has been on the CED Board representing various organizations for nine years. The Board extended its thanks and appreciation for her contributions and service to CED. Kathee was also the recipient of an award from the American Society for Deaf Children (ASDC) in appreciation of support for that organization.

The National Association of the Deaf (NAS) was officially represented for the first time after receiving unanimous support for membership in CED. The ASDC is currently seeking membership and has been approved by NAD, CAID, CEASD, and ACE-DHH. A.G. Bell will vote on ASDC's participation at their executive board meeting in November.

The Division for Children with Communication Disorders of the Council for Exceptional Children submitted a request for membership. Mary Byrnes from DCCD made a presentation to the Board; DCCD has been asked to present additional information to the Board at the December meeting.

Other highlights of the meeting included a report form the Committee on Professional Preparations and Certification by Doin Hicks and Harold Johnson. Certification activity is up significantly do to the excellent efforts of our own Harold! Harold reported on the results of a survey that he conducted regarding what CED could do to support professionals in the field of deaf education. Responses indicated a need for information exchange, political action, program standards, collaboration, and strengthening CED membership and evaluation process.

CED program evaluations are in a state of transition as the standards are revised and new program guidelines are developed. The CEC-CED Common Core Knowledge and Skills document needs further refinement and revision before approval is sought from the member organizations. Each organization was asked to disseminate the draft standards for review and comment by its membership before November. Roberta Truax and Gerilee Gustason are our representatives on this task force. Comments and revisions will be incorporated into a final document in November.

The Joint Committee on Infant Hearing document is still in review. If you would like a copy of this document, please contact Paul Crutchfield, Tom Jones, or Marilyn Sass-Lehrer. Suggestions and comments should be sent to Donna Dickman.

This Technical Report of the Joint Committee of ASHA and CED will be published in the ASHA journal this fall. Announcements regarding the availability of this publication will be sent to all CED member organizations for their publications. If you would like a copy of this report prior to publication, please contact Marilyn Sass-Lehrer.

Doin Hicks reported on the status of the Deaf Education Initiative process. The document is in the final editing stages and OSERS has agreed to support the printing and layout costs for the document on Program Guidelines. The document should be available in the fall.

Bob Weinstock from ETS presented an update on the development of the National Teacher's exam for the Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Prototypes have been developed and volunteers for "try-outs" of the test are being solicited.

The next CED Board Meeting will be held the first weekend in December at Gallaudet University. Patrick Stone, past President of A.G. Bell will be the new President of CED.

...Marilyn Sass-Lehrer