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Summary of CED Meeting

December 3, 1994

This was Patrick Stone's First meeting as the new President of CED. The meeting was held in Washington, DC at Gallaudet University. In attendance were representatives from all of the member organizations including the two new member organizations, the National Association of the Deaf and the American Society for Deaf Children. In addition to the regular board members, individuals working on the ASL/English Standards Committee also attended the meeting.

Don Hicks is retiring from his position as the chair of the Committee on Professional Preparation and Certification (CPPC). Don prepared an overview of the responsibiltiies of this position and provided many suggestions for expanding the role of this committee. Individuals interested in this position should contact Pat Stone.

Harold Johnson's report included recommendations for program approval. All of the recommendations were supported. Harold reproted that changes in the roster of evaluators would most likely occur after the new standatds are in place. Changes are needed in the program evaluation manuals to reflect different program philosophies. Pat Stone appionted individuals to develop program standards for three different communication environments: ASL/English, Total Communication, and Aural-Oral.