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is a visual communication system which, in English, uses eight handshapes in four locations ("cues") in combination with the natural mouth movements of speech to make all the sounds of spoken language look different.

What is special about CUED SPEECH?
Cued Speech identifies each distinctive speech sound. Shapes of one hand identify consonant sounds; locations near the mouth identify vowel sounds. A hand shape and a location together cue a syllable.

Cued Speech is compatible with oral/aural, bilingual / multi-lingual, and total communication philosophies, enhancing instruction and communication in each mode.

Cued Speech was developed in 1966 by R. Orin Cornett, Ph.D., at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. It has been adapted for use in more than 50 languages and dialects. Cued Speech centers and associations are active in the United States and abroad.

* Persons who are concerned for those with speech, hearing, and language needs
Parents... family members... special educators... speech-language
pathologists...interpreters / transliterators for the deaf...
audiologists...reading teachers... grandparents... baby-sitters... friends...

* Children and adults with hearing, speech, and language needs Whether an individual is able to hear or is deaf or hard-of-hearing, Cued Speech provides sensory-integrated communication, making spoken sounds visually and physically clear to avoid confusion and frustration.

Cued Speech is used for phonics instruction, for articulation therapy and to address a number of learning disabilities. For individuals unable to speak, Nu-Vue-Cue adapts Cued Speech into a grid.

* Adults who are hearing-impaired: Adults who acquired language through Cued Speech at home and/or school use cues and speech for communication along with other modes as appropriate.

Adults who have progressive or sudden losses appreciate the assistance of Cued Speech in overcoming the frustration of lipreading and in maintaining functional speech.

What are the advantages of CUED SPEECH?

* Audition
Cued Speech enhances the processing of auditory information. Cued Speech breaks through the confusion of incomplete and distorted sound. Profoundly deaf people make significant and continuing improvement in speech discrimination when they use Cued Speech.

Children who were born deaf and use Cued Speech are more easily habilitated after cochlear implant surgery than those without the benefit of this "sound" connection.

* Speech
Combined with traditional practices in speech and auditory therapy, Cued Speech provides the therapist with a tool to identify targets.

Children and adults with auditory disabilities see what sound is to be articulated, how words are pronounced, and can self-correct their own speech when they participate in Cued conversation.

* Language
Deaf children tested after consistent use of Cued Speech for four or more years have mastered the syntax and grammar of English and other spoken languages. Deaf students using Cued Speech often become bilingual and multi-lingual.

* Reading Profoundly deaf students who communicate with Cued Speech read as well as hearing students and use the same reading strategies. Cued Speech has been shown to enhance and accelerate phonics instruction with hearing and hearing-impaired children.

* Speechreading
Continuous exposure to Cued Speech improves speechreading in cued and non-cued situations.

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