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Draft Position Statement on Inclusion

The Association of College Education, Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ACE-DHH) represents teacher preparation programs in deaf education in North American. The Association promotes excellence in the quality of professional personnel in the education of individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing. To achieve this goal, the Association fosters professional growth and the dissemination of information and ideas among college educators, and professional matters related to the education of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and the education of professionals in the field. The ACE-DHH joins related organizations involved in the education and well-being of individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing in expressing support for the continuation of a full array of educational placement options. ACE-DHH supports the belief that placement decisions must consider the individual academic, communication, cultural, and social-emotional strengths and needs of the child, youth or young adult, as well as the choice of parents, as a right protected by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

ACE-DHH therefore endorses the following resolution (notified from the CEASD and amended by CAID resolutions passed in April 1994):

Whereas, there is widespread confusion and misinterpretation of idea; and

Whereas children and youth who are deaf or hard of hearing are often assured of receiving quality educational services;

Be it resolved that the ACE-DHH urges congress to provide a clear and concise statement regarding least restrictive environment by amending IDEA to make it clear that parents, students and consumers have the option and choice regarding the placement of children in the appropriate teaching and learning environment, and that quality education be provided in whatever environment is chosen; and

Be it resolved that ACE-DHH urges congress to mandate that LEA's provide a full continuum of educational programming and placement options, insuring that the unique abilities and needs of each deaf or hard of hearing child or youth are addressed.

Be it further resolved that the leadership of ACE-DHH is directed by the membership to undertake actions to implement the concept stated in the resolution.

June 20, 1994
Marilyn Sass-Lehrer