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From the President's Pen...

Greetings! For starters here, I have three words: Think Snow. Think Banff. The 1995 ACE-DHH conference is certain to be an adventure, and we hope to have a sizable number of ACE-DHH members attending. In the pages that follow, you will find all the information you need to complete your registration and travel arrangements, thanks to the work of Dr. Mary Ann Bibby, our Vice President and Local Arrangements Director.

Also in this newsletter, please note the fruits of Dr. Thomas Jones' labors. As President-Elect and Program Chair, Tom has also done a splendid job of organizing the program framework. The keynote speaker, Dr. Carl Grant, will present an opportunity for us to consider needs and opportunities for enhancing our attention to multicultural issues in our teacher education programs. In this newsletter, you will also find Tom's call for presentations. We hope to get the usual enthusiastic response to the call.

I would like to add three requests. First, I encourage everyone who will attend the conference to make your arrangements as soon as possible. Our prompt response will assist Mary Ann greatly in completing the local arrangements. Second, for those of you who are considering submitting presentation proposals, a prompt response will ease Tom's burden considerably. Finally, for those of you who will not be able to join us in Banff, please keep your ACE-DHH membership current. ACE-DHH needs your financial support (yes, dues!); we also need to know of your continued interest and participation. And, of course, you will benefit from your uninterrupted affiliation with ACE-DHH.