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The Newsletter of the Association of College Educators - Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Volume VI, Number 3, October, 1994

1995 Conference in Banff

The 1995 ACE-DHH Conference will be held February 24-27 at the Banff Springs Hotel and Conference Center in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Enclosed you will find a brochure about the hotel and a registration form. Mary Ann Bibby has made arrangements at a spectacular site for our conference. Bring warm clothing so that you can enjoy the fantastic outdoor activities.

Described by ACE-DHH members as an outstanding speaker and scholar, Carl Grant, President of the National Association for Multicultural Education, has agreed to be the keynote speaker for the 1995 Conference. In 1990 the Association of Teacher Educators selected Dr. Grant as one of the 70 leaders in Teacher Education. Hoefs-Bascom Professor of Teacher Education in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, and Professor in the Department of Afro- American Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dr.. Grant has written or edited 15 books and monographed in Multicultural education and teacher education. These include Research and Multicultural Education (1993), Making Choices for Multicultural Education (1994, with Christine Sleeter), After the School Bell Rings (1986, with Christine Sleeter), Bringing Teaching to Life (1983), and Community Participation in Education (1979). He also has written more than 100 articles, chapters in books, and reviews. A former classroom teacher and administrator, Dr. Grant was a Fulbright Scholar in England in 1982-83.

Dr. Grant's presentation will address paradigms for Multicultural education in teacher education, a topic of great value and importance for all of us preparing teachers for students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. ACE-DHH will be honored to have Dr. Grant as a speaker, we are greatly looking forward to his presentation, and kudos to Tom Jones for arranging to Bring Dr. Grant to our ACE-DHH conference.


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Presentation proposals are needed no later than November 4th

Conference and housing registrations should be sent in as soon as possible.

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