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From the President's Pen

Canada in February? Canada? After Mary Ann Bibby's kind invitation and persuasive presentation, complete with an array of stunning color photographs, conference participants voted overwhelmingly to hold our 1995 conference in Banff, the most gorgeous resort town in southwest Alberta. This departure from our tradition of meeting in avenues of clement climate will certainly be refreshing! I encourage, I urge each of you to make every effort to attend.

As an organization, ACE-DHH accomplished a great deal during the past year under the able leadership of Marilyn Sass-Lehrer. We saw NAD gain full membership to the ASDC (the CED membership organizations must also vote on approval). We voted to accept the recommended changes to the ACE-DHH Constitution and By Laws. (A copy of these documents is included in this newsletter for your careful attention).

At our conference in Texas, we also learned of a variety of activities that have already begun to have an impact on our profession: the collaboration between the CEC and the CED to align professional standards; the NTE test in the area of education of deaf and hard of hearing students. the actions of the ASHA-CED Committee, the Joint Committee on Infant Hearing; the Deaf Education Initiative, the ACTION Coalition, and IDEA. It is becoming more and more apparent that our professional world is indeed a world of interconnections.

Now, perhaps more than ever before, it seems that we are faced with innovations in and challenges to our profession. As individuals who prepare teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students, each of us must come to terms on those issues at an individual and institutional level. Likewise, as an organization, we must work together in the face of increasing numbers of challenges. One means of doing this is to adopt a recommendation to establish an ACE-DHH Standing Committee on Legislation and Advocacy. We hope to publish such a recommendation in the Fall newsletter so that it can be considered at our 1995 conference.

Last year, ACE-DHH accomplished much. There is still much to accomplish. Again, I encourage each of you to attend next year's conference, both to participate in the organizational work so critical to our profession and to enjoy a truly beautiful conference site.