Written and Illustrated Entirely
By Disabled Children
Edited by Helen Exley

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Submitted By: Rebecca Morris: Smith College

This is a very straightforward book dealing with the many realities that disabled people face each day. The children that have contributed to and essentially created this book speak from the heart. Not only have they learned to deal with their disability enough to be themselves and be honest with people. The overall attitude of the childrens' writing is not always positive and at times speaks to the reader from a somewhat angry viewpoint. Even when angry, these children are never accusing or pleading for the help and pity of others. Instead, these children speak to us in a voice that attempts to communicate their hopes, dreams, aspirations and above a level of understanding on the part of 'ordinary people'. Topics in this book deal with everything from deafness and blindness to dealing with feelings of scorn and isolation. These children also share some of their personal triumphs in an attempt to make others realize that they would rather be respected and accepted as human beings than pitied as disabled individuals.
I would recommend this book to anyone who plans to or is working with children, disabled or not. The entries written by the children are extremely insightful and help the reader to more fully understand the person behind the label rather than just the text book symptoms of the disability. For educators and professional working with children this book may help you to better relate to and reach your students. I would also recommend that this book be used by teacher with 'ordinary children' to help them gain a more personal understanding of a child that may attend their school or take part in many of their classroom activities. It can also make these student more sensitive to diversity that occurs within our society and that although many children and people may look, act or learn in a different manner than they do,they face the same problems and have the same feelings as everyone else.

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Exley, H. (Ed.) 1984. What It's Like To Be Me. Cincinnati, OH: Friendship Press.
ISBN 0-377-00144-9

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