The New Language of Toys Teaching Communication Skills to Children with Special Needs:
A Guide for Parents and Teachers

Sue Schwartz and Joan E. Miller

Keywords: Deaf Education Information, Books and Journals, Sign Language Manuals and Texts

Submitted By: Kristen Shawley-Smith College

This book is an excellent resource for all parents and early childhood educators. It gives an overview of language development and provides the names of toys that can be used for language stimulation at each age level. Parents and educators are given toy dialogues and activity ideas to be used with homemade and commercial toys. There are also chapters dedicated to "Computer Technology and Language Learning", "Videotapes and Television", and "Toy Safety". I found the appendix to be very helpful. It provides a materials list-everyday things that can be turned into toys. The resource guide in the appendix lists national organizations that provide support and information for children with disabilities and their families. Toy manufacturers and catalogs are also listed. On a scale of one to ten I rate this book a 10+! Woodbine House, Betheseda, MD: 1996.

Uploaded By: Jodi Gray/KSU/Deaf Education Major