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Easily Reinforcing Adverbs

By: Shannon Flaherity

Smith College-Clarke School for the Deaf Teacher Preparation Program

Keywords: Instructional Strategies, Language, 7-9

Recently, I was working to teach adverbs and their use to a group of hearing impaired Middle School students. The concept of adverbs and "words that tell how" was quite difficult for them to grasp. Implementing adverbs into their own speech was a further challenge. The initial introduction to adverbs was done through the book "The Chocolate Touch".This book is great for teaching adverbs and provides ample opportunity for students to spot adverbs. Once the students had a basic understanding of adverbs and their use, reinforcement was needed. In order to meet the needs of the students, a master teacher I was working with helped me to develop a game that would provide the students with practice in forming, using and recognizing adverbs. The game is very simple and easy to implement. Here is how it works:

The teacher writes instructions, such as "quickly walk to the blackboard" or "gently tap your neighbor on the shoulder", on a number of index cards. The students take turns choosing a card. They then perform the action stated on the card.The other students in the class guess what the card said. If they correctly identify the adverb and action they get a point.Some kind of scoring system is developed and a winner may, but does not have to, be chosen at the end.

This activity worked really well in my class as the students participated enthusiastically and tried very hard to come up with appropriate adverbs. It also encouraged them to think of synonyms or similar adverbs as actions may be described in more than one way. Once they are comfortable with adverbs, the students may create and share their own adverb cards to make the game more their own. The game is a fun activity that can last as long as a whole class or as little as ten minutes at the beginning or end of a session.

Uploaded By: Jodi Gray/KSU/Deaf Education Major