Auditory Skills Program for Students with Hearing Impairment

Keywords: Curriculum Materials, Deaf Education, K-6

An auditory skills curriculum that addresses a wide range of students from preschool to upper primary students with different skills in regard to listening and students with a variety of listening devices.

Karen J. Chamness
Sara Collins Elementary/ Greenville Co.
1200 Parkins Mill Rd.
Greenville, SC 29607

Insight: (Why is this important?)
With current technology providing high-powered hearing aids and cochlear devices, 85-90% of students with hearing impairments have the ability to detect the full range of English sounds through auditory alone. However, intervention is essential for them to optimally develop the auditory channel and thus learn to comprehend language through listening.

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Andrea Miller
Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education
Converse College
Spartanburg, SC 29302
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