Sugar Gliders

Key Words: Curriculum Materials, science, k - 12


Any Exotic Animal (Sugar Gliders)

What I found:

There is a tremendous amount of information on Sugar Gliders. I happen to explore through Johnsonís Page via Yahooligans which is a good Internet exploration for KIDS and stumbled across these exotic creatures. I found the information interesting. I knew if I thought these creatures as pretty KEWL, then naturally children would love them, too! I found information regarding the appearance of Sugar Gliderís (SGís), their dietary intake, how they smell (scent), the type of sounds they make, how they reproduce (make babies), health concerns if raising one as a pet, and where to obtain information on how to receive a federal license for these exotic animals.

Where did I find it:

I searched via Yahooligans. Yahooligans is a network specifically designed for KIDS. The addresses for each area is as follows:

Insights from this exercise:

There is a plethora of information on the Internet. I discovered many avenues in exploring or surfing for the topic. I feel that students should have the chance or opportunity to actively seek (hands-on) information on the computer. This tactile experience will help them gain computer skills which is a must in todayís society.

Submitted by: Keri Stuckey litíl BIG Hair

Uploaded by: BJ Lawrence/ Kent State University/ Deafed Major