St. Patrick's Day

Key Words: Curriculum Materials, social studies, k-12

Karen Cadenhead, Lamar University
Internet Project
Topic: St. Patrick's Day

What I found:

Where to find:
"St. Paddy's Day Madness!"
Create a card see it online, and send it to someone via E-Mail
The legend of the Shamrock

Brief history of St. Patrick

"What is a leprechaun?"
"A Wee Bit O'Fun"
St. Patrick's Day symbols and Customs
"St. Patrick's Day"
Customs and traditions of St. Patrick's Day

How the teacher can use this information:

Using the information in these websites and expanding upon them, a whole language unit could be taught around St. Patrick's Day. Some related activities are:

Insights gained from this project:

Submitted by: Karen Cadenhead, Lamar University

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