Easter and Holiday

Key Words: Curriculum Materials, social studies, k-12

Topic: Easter and Holiday

What did I find?

After the teacher and I discussed about the topic, we agreed that I explored Easter and Holiday. After I researched the web, there are so many sites. It was tough for me to narrow down. So I decided to make it simple for the children to learn and enjoy. All the information will help the teacher to merge the idea of holiday into the curriculum.

Using it in the classroom:

The materials and games will give the students the positive reinforcement. They also give the students much enriched experience to learn the different cultures. The teacher should encourage them to explore on web when the teacher educates them. It will be a good idea that the teacher should set up one project per month. In that way, the students will have many opportunities to explore and give the feedback to the classroom.


I think it give me so many good educational material. Now I came to the conclusion that every year I can teach many different ways instead of the same old materials. The web has so many updated informations and many different sites.

Useful software:

The Encarta 97 Encyclopedia and the Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia provide the on-line service. You can pick any topic you want to explore and they will go straight to on-line and give you the information.

URL: HYPERLINK http://www http://www.spacejam.com/
Titile: Space Jam
Summary: A picture of Michael Jordan and Bunny Rabbit. There are some famous basketball players and their statistic. There are some short plays in the stories.
Outcome: It is very good program. It will give the students an opportunity to get knows the famous basketball players. It is kind of like the movie.
Insights: It may help the children to write the story after seeing the drama.

URL: HYPERLINK http://www http://energizer.com
Titile: Energizer Home Pager
Summary: Its motto is "A Place to Play, A Place to Learn, and A Place to Keep Your Imagination going, going, and going…" It has six sections, which are: (1) Battery Science Experiments, (2) Hare Mail, (3) Bunny Facts, (5) Index, and (6) Company Information.
Outcome: It is very difficult program for elementary students. It may be good for the gifted children or middle school students. However, The Hare Mail may give the students an opportunity to write the letter. It may help the children to create their ideas and to express better.
Insights: The Hare Mail is good for children. It will help them to write better and to express their feeling, ideas and so forth. The teacher should help them from the beginning on how to write down their idea, questions and so forth on the paper. Then the teacher will explain to them how to use e-mail as their homework at home or classroom.

URL: HYPERLINK http://www http://www.shadeslanding.com/hms/index.html
Titile: Heather’s Happy Holidaze Page!! For Kids Only
Summary: It was the work of 7 years old Heather!! It was so beautiful works. It has all kinds of holidays including Easter. The children can pick one of them and send to someone with a short note via modem.
Outcome: Unbelievable!! This is good for students. The students can set up the project and create the homepage. It will encourage the students to explore further and get some idea what kind of project to set up.
Insights: It is a prefect example and model role. The goal of this program is to give the children the positive reinforcement.

URL: HYPERLINK http://www http://www.yahoo.com/Society_and_Culture/Holidays/Easter/index.html
Titile: Yahoo! – Society and Culture: Holidays: Easter
Summary: Easter Eternal. Inspired by the belief that the truth of Easter is eternal and dedicated to the Christian celebration of Lent and Easter. Great Internet Easter Egg Hunt. Take a ride on the Funny Bunny Trail at the USA CityLink project and find Easter Bunnies.
Outcome: The students will explored this sites and will be able to understand the purpose of this holiday. They will enjoy the games.
Insights: It serves the purpose for the children to understand all about the Easter and its holiday.

URL: HYPERLINK http://www http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/amorash/ukregg.html
Titile: How to Make Ukrainian Easter Eggs
Summary: This homepage will tell you everything you need to know about the basics of Ukrainian Easter Eggs decorating! You apply wax to the egg using astylus, and dip the egg in various colored dyes.
Outcome: It is a valuable educational site.
Insights: It will give the students an enriched experience on handcrafts. It also gives the children the idea that every countries in this world make their own way based on their beliefs and cultures.

URL: HYPERLINK http://www http://www.web-pac.com/mall/pacific/1Onrp.html
Titile: Easter Postcards
Summary: The children will love to send the post cards to anyone via modem.
Outcome: It will encourage the students to explore to see if there is another sites and send them to their classmates.
Insights: It will give the students the challenge to find other sites. They also may want to explore more for the next holidays.

URL: HYPERLINK http://www http://www.prospernet.com/surfing/culture/holidays/easter.html
Titile: Easter
Summary: Great Internet Easter Egg Hunt. Take a ride on the Funny Bunny Trail at the USA CityLink Project and find Easter bunnies., How to Make Ukrainian Easter Eggs, resources, history, dos and don’ts, and many more
Outcome: So many things to do before the Easter Holiday. So many project to prepare. So many educational stuff.
Insights: The goal of this program is to give the children the positive reinforcement. It also provides so many useful educational materials.


Uploaded by: BJ Lawrence /Kent State University /Deafed Major