Keywords: Curriculum Materials, Math, K-6

Topic: Math

What did I find:

I searched the web for a variety of information dealing with currency. First I found a sight that had a listing of 14 math games all dealing with currency. Some dealt with making change is situations like stores and others were adding money games. Other locations on the webb listed different strategies for instruction on different grade levels. It gave a listing of 8 different ideas for introducing and using math (money) in your instruction. I pulled information for both grades 1 and 2. It listed how to introduce the concept of money into math instruction. One of the things I found on the webb was a lesson plan with the objective of making change and counting currency. It used the idea of shopping for the students to understand the real life application. All of the information from webb supplied strategies to help teachers incorporate the concept of money into the curriculum.


  1. Tic Tac Math (game)
  2. Strategies for Instruction in Mathematics (Grade 2) http:/
  3. Strategies for Instruction in Mathematics (Grade 1) http:/
  4. Lesson Plan (Using money while Shopping) gopher://…lesson_Plans/Big%20sky/math/CECmath.09

Using it in the Classroom:

Many of the games can be used after the general instruction is completed. These games can be used as reinforcement to the activity. The students can play the games to practice what they have already learned. Additional practice is always needed. Also these games can be used in math centers that the teacher creates to use during the unit. They can motivate the children to practice what they have already learned and since they are games and not worksheets, the children will enjoy playing with other students. The lesson plan can be used during the time the teacher is explaining the real world application of learning currency and making and adding change. The help strategies can be used throughout the unit to aid the teacher planning the unit.


Overall, I found this project to be very helpful. I enjoyed searching the web for new and innovative ways of teaching an old subject matter. I found that the webb can be an excellent source of information. I realized that other teachers sharing their ideas and experiences is one of the best ways to learn. I recognized that a teacher can save a lot of time by listening to other teachers describe and explain what they found that works and what does not work with deaf children. After reading the information I got from the webb and discussing it with my cooperating teacher, I discovered that the help instructional strategies can be very beneficial in planning a unit. You can take the information provided and apply it to all aspects of unit planning and all subject areas. Overall, I found the webb and the information found to be invaluable.

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