The Plants

Keywords: Curriculum Materials, Science, K-6

The topic that I was given by my practicum teacher was the topic of plants. She didnít specify what she wanted, but I assumed that it was the various kinds of plants, interesting places with plants, and the utilization of plants in everyday life.

The first thing that I found was carnivirous plants (the ones that eat meats). This was fascinating because many people including kids do not realize that there are plants that eat meat. There were pictures and a lot of information about these plants such as the care of these plants, where to plant them, and misconceptions about many of these plants. The author also gives many references on where to find more information about these plants.

The second thing that I found was the website for the National Arbor Day Foundation. It was a very interesting website. It gave a lot of information about the care of trees This site had a top nine rules about the care of tree such as how to prune a tree, what is the best way to plant a tree, and never top a tree. This site also gives teachers a way to order free trees as a classroom project so that the children will be more involved with learning about trees. It is a good source for information.

Another thing that I found was a discussion of the different uses of plants from the rainforest. This website goes into the medical uses such as aspirin and the rubber used in giving vaccines. It also talks about the foods of the rainforest and the chemicals that come from these plants. It tells the children why the rainforest is so important to our world.

A fourth thing that I found in the world of plants was a study done by NASA about indoor plants and indoor pollution. This study tells children how indoor plants can reduce indoor pollution. It describes the different effects that plants have on indoor pollutions. The best part about this website is that it gives a list of these indoor plants. It also tells children that NASA works here on earth as well as in space.

Finally the fifth thing that I found was a Rainforest not in the Amazon as most people think of , but one in South America near Venezula. This website covers an unknown, but a fast disappearing part of our ecosystem. The reason that this is a fascinating website is that it covers not only the rainforest, but also the people and the culture of those people in the rainforest. It gives children a sense of what kind of life revolves around plants especially a life who lives in a rainforest. For those children that have some hearing this website also provides sounds from this rainforest. The name of this place is called the Surinames.

These addresses are listed in order that they appeared in the previous sentences.
2. http://www.PLANTING.HTM
3. http://www.PLANTS_US.HTM
4. http://www.FYH.HTM
5. http://www.SURI_ENG.HTM

The teacher never told me how she would use it, but I think she could use the information to show the children that plants are more than things to eat and to look at. This information could also be used to encourage the children to do more research on plants.

She could also use the information for class project such as growing some of the plants that were in the information. She could even get some free plants from one of these websites. There were books mentioned that she could find and bring to class about some of the plants that were mentioned in the websites.

One of the insights that I gained from from this project was the vastness of information about plants. There were many pictures that were on the different links, but I had trouble trying to print them, however with the right software these pictures would make a great asset to the information use for the classroom.

I also learned that patience is the key when using the internet. I had to wait a while for some of my information to be downloaded, but in the end it was worth the wait. The best thing that I learned from this project is that plants are a very popular topic on the internet.

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