Solar System

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Solar System

My practicum teacher is Ms. Howard. She teaches 3rd grade. She asked me to research information on the solar system. When I got into the internet, I started working on Yahoo. I found that the information was extremely difficult for students in that grade level. I then noticed that there were different categories in Yahoo. I went into Kids Yahoo and found data that is more age appropriate. I printed out information on each planet, the sun and the moon. Beautiful colored pictures are displayed in each web site. The information in the internet explains about the planets' orbit, diameter, and mass. It also gives information about the planet, its satellites, and Greek mythology.

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Mrs. Howard told me a few activities in which she would use the information.


  1. Each student will pick a planet. They will have to write a summary and do a presentation about the planet. The summary will contain the following criteria: the planet's size, density, atmosphere, distance from the sun, and any special information.
  2. The students pretend they are visiting their planet. Each student writes a letter to their parents explaining about the planet and its characteristics..
  3. As a group, the students will make a model of the solar system, using styrofoam balls and 2x4's.
  4. The students will use objects as ratio-differences to compare the masses of the planets.
  5. The students will learn about the speed in which the planets rotate around the sun. In order for the students to comprehend this action, they will simulate the movement of planets by moving in circular motion.

From this exercise, I found it was extremely easy to get into the internet and find information on any topic. In most cases, I think that the Kids Yahoo can provide the necessary language for the students to comprehend. Over all, I found the internet to be an appropriate supplementary tool for teachers and students to use in the classroom.

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