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Topic- Hamster

This tells me a few strange things about hamsters; some fact, and some fiction. It also has a hamster to English Dictionary. You can select a hamster or select stuff for your hamster. If your hamster escapes- read the info it has stories of hamster escapes. There are four biographies of hamsters: Bubbles, Teddy, Fluffernutter, and Peanutbutter. They are cute stories. Lots of pictures to show. There’s a video hamster on the web, Bonnie. This video shows the hamster, its cage, and him playing in the ball.

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Teachers can give a discussion about hamster and use the computer to read the information and view the pictures of hamsters, cages, food, etc. Also, they can view the video on the computer. Then they can discuss that hamster can be a pet to take care of. After the lesson on that topic, the teacher can get a hamster and a cage and have the students help set up the cage and take care of it everyday in the classroom - a real life application lesson.


This information gives me a lot more than what I expected and this helps teachers for lesson plans on any subject. It has rich information that we can use for the classroom. I was impressed with what I found and read. I definitely will use the WWW as much as I want to for my teaching materials. A wonderful material to use!!!

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