Steps to Literacy for Deaf Students

Key Words: Instructional Strategies, Literacy, K-6

We never just teach the student how to read a book in English, instead we introduce the book in the following manner.

  1. Give the student the book and let them preview it.
  2. Read the book to the student every day for approx. 1 week in ASL.
  3. We make up a booklet of activities to go along with the book, this book may contain comprehension exercises, fill in the blank, what does this mean? Any activity to aid comprehension.
  4. We video someone signing the book in ASL and then in English. This is added to a videotape that the student takes home and watches and watches and watches.
  5. We inform the student we are going to read the book in English.
  6. We formally start to teach the individual words or phrases in the book by using a cardboard window etc.

This method of comprehension first, English words last has proven to be the most effective way to teach our particular student how to read not only for words but for understanding.

Information Submitted By: Michelle Kuzyk

Uploaded By: Jodi Gray/KSU/Deaf Education Major