An Interactive Dictionary of American Sign Language

Key Words: Curriculum Materials, Sign Language, K-12

HyperSign makes learning the basics of signing easy! Just select any word from the dictionary of more than 2000 words and then see the American Sign Language (ASL) sign for it in full motion video! Watch it once or play it over and over again- all at the click of a mouse. Whether you're young or old, you'll find HyperSigns is fun and a snap to use!

The sign dictionary can be set to any of three different levels- children, teenagers, or adults. Each level has a variety of games like Crossword Puzzle and You First! for adults and teens, and Tic Tac Toe, The Match Game and others for Kids! They're fun to play, challenging and they keep interest levels high.

HyperSign also contains signs for fingerspelling, everyday phrases, conversational signing, basic ASL rules and conversations and a bibliography of resources to enhance your learning of sign language and Deaf Culture.

If you have a hearing impaired family member or friend...if you're a teacher, care giver, human resources manager, or just want to become a better communicator through signing, this is the program for you!

HyperSign is $95- Package includes CD, installation diskette, and 48 page- User Guide.

HyperSign is available for both Macintosh and IBM computers.

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