Designed for busy classroom teachers, DISCOVERIES is an overview of successful woman and men who are deaf. The main purpose of the book is to acquaint students and teachers alike with the accomplishments of those successful individuals.

Each biographical sketch in DISCOVERIES includes four main parts:

    1) BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES which can be photocopied, read aloud, or signed to students.
    2) RELATED ACTIVITIES from each level of Bloom's Taxonomy. These activities incorporate language and communication skills, manipulative skills, independent study skills, and creative thinking.
    3) VOCABULARY PAGES which reinforce vocabulary introduced in the biographical sketches.
    4) ENRICHMENT PAGES which expand the concepts introduced in the biographical sketches. Students can use these pages independently or in a group.

    DISCOVERIES can be used during special observances such as Deaf Awareness week in September, Better Speech and Hearing Month in May, Women's History Month in March, Black History Month in February, and National Library Week in April.

Table of Contents