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Call for Papers

Your participation is invited in the 23rd ACE-DHH Annual Conference. Our upcoming international conference will embrace a variety of topics, presentation formats, and themes. We welcome proposals for presentations: Research Round Tables, Discussion Sessions, Panels Mini Symposia, and Poster Sessions. Our theme, Windows-97 on the New CEC/CED Standards: Educating Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing encourages us to become intimately acquainted with the changes in our field. We especially encourage reports of research, hands-on experiences, and topical discussions related to the preparation of teachers for students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Please submit a 25-word abstract and 1-page summary attached to the cover sheet. Proposals are due by November 15, 1996 and will be reviewed. Presenters will be notified by December 1.

Your topic should be focused to address one or more of the CEC/CED Common Core Joint Knowledge and Skill Statements and/or the secondary content standards. (CEC/CED standards are listed on the proposal cover sheet and may be found in the 1996 Annals, Vol. 141, No. 3, pp. 220-223. Consult your national professional organizations for teachers of content {e.g. NSTA, NCTM, etc.} for secondary content standards.)

New this year is an opportunity to submit your paper by February 1, 1997 for the 1997 ACE-DHH Collected Program Papers. All papers submitted by that date, typed in the required format (hard copy and disk in MAC, Word Perfect), will be copied, collated and bound for sale at the conference to benefit ACE-DHH. The required format is five or fewer pages, with left margins of 2 inches, right margins of 1 inch, double spaced, 12-point font, Garmond style. The first page should include the name of author(s) and university/college affiliation, telephone, fax, and e- mail address at the top of the page. Please number your pages, starting with page 2, at the bottom center of the page. If you have questions, please call Judy Egelston-Dodd, Program Chair, at 716-475-6932 (Voice/TTY) (messages may be left), or 716-475-6500 (fax). Her e-mail address is JCENMP@RIT.EDU

Research Round Tables will allow maximum interaction between participants, while allowing presenters opportunities to present research findings. These will be a cross between a poster session and a round table discussion. Three presenters will share the time slot. Each will create a poster that can be displayed and prepare a 10-minute presentation to accompany the poster. After the three presentations, the audience will be free to engage in discussion with the presenters.

Discussion Groups will allow groups of individuals to develop courses, plan research, etc. and will consist of a moderator and a group of individuals interested in developing or engaging in a joint project.

Panels/Mini-Symposia and Presentation will be 30-minute presentations on a single topic by an individual or 30- minute panel and presentation discussions or mini-symposia followed by 15 minutes devoted to participant discussion of the presentation.

Poster Sessions will enable presenter(s) to display curriculum materials, CD-Rom, or other multimedia used in teacher preparation, alternative assessment strategies, etc. All poster sessions will be held during breakfast so participants may view and discuss displays while they eat.

Two of our members died this past year and we would like to remember and honor them at the Conference.

Ray Elliot, Chair of the Special Education Department at the University of Alabama, passed away at the beginning of May. Ray had been a member of ACE-DHH and had presented at most of our conferences. Sympathy is extended to his family and colleagues.

Sister Mary Delaney, Director of Canisius College s Teacher Preparation Program, passed away in August. She was an active member, past president, and will be greatly missed by her colleagues and friends.