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Business Meeting, Sunday, March 3, 1996

The Association of College Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing was called to order by President Tom Jones.

New Business continued:
A report was presented by the AD-HOC Committee on the ACE-DHH By-Laws amendment. The suggested terminology is as follows:

Article V. Committees
Section 1.0. Executive Committee
Section 1.2.4. Initiate, make recommendations, and receive recommendations from the membership for statements, policies, and actions (a) related to the goals, business, and activities of the Association, (b) related to legislation, regulations, policies, and actions of other organizations and agencies, and (c) that any maters already approved by the membership, and then brought to the CED Board for consideration, to be acted upon, except for matters directly affecting or changing certification and accreditation standards.

David Martin moved and Barry Griffing seconded the amendment as stated. Motion passed. The change will be published in the Fall newsletter and voted on at the business meeting in Santa Fe. Paul Crutchfield referred to the CEASD communication sent to postsecondary programs regarding prospective funding cuts. He requested a committee be established to draft a response and make contact with Oscar Cohen. Shirin Antia accepted the responsibility to complete this task. Harold Johnson encouraged the membership to develop a Web page for ACE- DHH. It is another way of distributing information on programs. Shirin Antia moved and Harold Johnson seconded that the Executive Board pursue the development of a Web page with the use of discretionary funds. Paul Crutchfield introduced a friendly amendment to drop the word "pursue". The motion passed.


Submitted by Karen Dilka