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Business Meeting, Saturday, March 2, 1996

The Association of College Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing was called to order by President Tom Jones at the Williamsburg Lodge in Williamsburg, Virginia. Interpreters for the conference were introduced and thanked. They include Cat Clough, Liz Nietch, Shirley Musical and Dorothy Thomas. Alan Marvelli was asked to be the business meeting parliamentarian. Shirin Antia made special mention of the program committee and thanked them for reading and recommending conference session proposals. Marilyn Sass-Lehrer also thanked Barbara Gerner de Garcia for the pre-conference workshop. It was suggested that a space be added to the evaluation form to encourage participants to contribute ideas regarding a topic, format, and presenter for next year's workshop. Kudos to Ed Shroyer and Shirin Antia for their combined efforts in making this conference a success.

The minutes of the business meeting held in Banff, Canada were approved by the Executive Committee during their summer meeting, so they could be published in the October 1996 newsletter. It was moved by Paul Crutchfield and seconded by Jerry Powers that this procedure continue to be followed. The motion was approved. Therefore, the Executive Board will approve the minutes of the annual business meeting in June and the minutes will then be published in the October newsletter.

Treasurer's Report:
A transfer balance of $5,746.51 was submitted by Jill Stoefen Fisher from the previous year. Barry Griffing presented the financial report for 1995-96 with an ending balance of $9,341.36. Revenues and expenses were explained. It was noted that Ed Shroyer brought all the audio-visual equipment from his institution, saving the organization a considerable amount of money. It was also suggested that the membership directory be published with a spiral binder. After conference moneys are collected and allocated, a projected total of $13,600 was expected for the current year. Fiscal guidelines were adopted by the Executive Committee and they will be published in the upcoming newsletter. A motion was passed to accept the budget recommended by the Executive Board. Further comments addressed a concern for the lack of doctoral student involvement in the organization. It was proposed that members actively recruit doctoral candidates into ACE-DHH. This would benefit both the students and the organization.

Membership Elections Committee:
David Mercaldo presented the 1996 membership report. It was determined that the organization has approximately 80 to 85 paid members. The Associate Member category could be further increased by inviting colleagues to participate. If anyone needs additional information, contact the membership chair. Eligibility for Associate membership requires that the individual contribute to the education of preservice teachers serving deaf or hard of hearing individuals and have an interest in the purpose of ACE-DHH. Benefits for the Associate Member include the newsletter and reduced fees at out annual conference. A directory to access members is being established, please forward fax or e-mail numbers to the membership chair.
Results of the 1996 ACE-DHH elections are as follows: (38 members voted)
President Elect:Judy Egelston-Dodd
Secretary:Mary V. Compton
Membership/Elections Committee: David Mercaldo - Chair
John Luckner
Susan Rose
Publications Committee: Barbara Schirmer - Chair
Susan Easterbrooks
Sharon Baker
Legislative/Advocacy Committee: Larry Hawkins - Chair
Karen Jensen
Jay Innes

The Membership and Elections Committee appreciates the assistance offered by members to identify possible candidates for this year's election. It also thanks those individuals who considered having their names submitted, but were unable to do so because of other obligations. Again, thanks to those individuals who agreed to have their names placed on the 1996 ballot. Your willingness to serve this professional organization is appreciated.

Old Business:
The 1997 conference was discussed. Ruth Fletcher extended an invitation to hold the annual meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Hotel accommodations within walking distance of the plaza were described. Special attention was given to price and convenience. Ruth investigated several possibilities and will confirm the arrangements upon her return. The nearest airport is located in Albuquerque where transportation is available to complete the trip to Santa Fe. Within approximately the same timeframe, the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) will hold their convention in Phoenix, Arizona. It was suggested that ACE-DHH take advantage of this opportunity to enhance our international perspective by contacting AACTE and initiating a collaborative agreement whereby interested persons could also attend our conference. To provide accessibility to all individuals, Spanish interpreters and/or interpreters with other language proficiencies will need to be considered. With no further discussion, Bill Brelje moved and Paul Crutchfield seconded that the 1997 conference be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Motion passed. In accordance with the membership's decision to select conference sites two years in advance, it was proposed by Karen Dilka and Deborah Haydon that Lexington, Kentucky be considered as the 1998 location. Ed Shroyer so moved and Mary Delaney seconded. Motion passed. It was noted that the host of the ACE-DHH conference is also the vice president of the organization for that particular year.

New Business:
The 1997 Budget was acted on earlier in the Treasurer's report. The next item of business was the proposed change in CED By-Laws. An explanation for the change and a clarification of its direct effect on ACE- DHH was printed on the back of the 1996 business meeting agenda.

"At the December, 1995 CED meeting, the Board voted to reduce the representation of each member organization from three to two individuals. As a proposed change to the CED By-Laws, this necessitates a vote by each member organization, including ACE-DHH. This change is necessitated by the financial crisis which CED is facing. Now that CED has six member organizations, eighteen individuals are on its Board. Even with the recent increase in member organization dues to $1,500.00 CED does not have nearly enough revenue to support the travel of such a large number of members to its meetings. CED has had a deficit for the past four years. If the FY 1995 rate of expenditure were to continue, the organization would be bankrupt in less than three years. Note that this change need not significantly diminish the ACE-DHH presence on the CED board. In addition to the official ACE-DHH representatives, standing CED representatives from ASDC, CAID, CEASD, and NAD each include active ACE-DHH members (Larry Hawkins, Carl Kirchner, Gerry Bateman, Larry Fleischer, Jay Innes). In addition, two of the three CED staffers (Harold Johnson and Tom Jones) are active ACE-DHH members. This proposed CED By- Laws change has two procedural implications for ACE-DHH. First, we as a CED organization, must either approve or veto it. Traditionally, this type of decision has been done by a vote of the members present at our annual business meeting. This well be included in the agenda for our upcoming meeting. Second, if we approve the change, then we also must change our own by- laws, which presently provide for three ACE-DHH representatives to the CED Board (President, President-Elect, and Past President). Amending our by-laws will require notification published in the Fall, 1996 newsletter, followed by voting at the general meeting in February/March. 1997."

Alan Marvelli moved to approve the above CED recommendations and Kathee Christensen seconded. Motion passed. Paul Crutchfield moved and Hank Teller seconded to denote the Past President and President as the CED representatives. This year Tom Jones held dual responsibilities as both the ACE-DHH President and CED Treasurer, therefore the two representatives were the President and President-Elect. Beginning next year, the Past President and President will fill these positions. Motion passed. A review of the ACE-DHH By-Laws resulted in the need to amend two sections for congruency with the new CED procedures. It was moved by David Martin that an additional statement (#c) be added to Article V, Section 1.2.4, empowering the Executive Board to act on matters related to CED proposals. This would expedite the process since our organization has only one annual business meeting. Larry Fleischer seconded. Discussion involved whether or not the Executive Board should make such decisions without input from the membership because of the impact the outcome could have on each individual program. Several members expressed concern that they would not be informed if an important issue was under advisement. The use of electronic mail for immediate responses was suggested, however, not all members are currently on line. A friendly amendment was introduced to enable the Executive Board to approve, as needed, recommendations from the CED board after appropriate consultation with the membership, except on matters directly affecting or changing certification and accreditation standards. David Martin withdrew his motion and Larry Fleischer withdrew the second. It was resolved that the incoming President would appoint an Ad Hoc Committee to prepare an amendment for the section. David Martin and Kathee Christensen were chosen and the committee's report will be presented at the next session on Sunday.

Richard Lytle moved, Marilyn Sass-Lehrer seconded, to accept the following resolution which was passed unanimously at the 1995 CAID business meeting in Minneapolis.


Whereas: Many deaf and hard of hearing students continue to achieve well below grade level in their academic subjects,
Whereas: Deaf and hard of hearing students will need to be better educated to compete, work and live in the 21st Century,
Whereas: For the past ten years regular education reform has focused on subject matter curriculum and teacher competencies,
Whereas: Deaf education has not given similar attention to the quality of the curriculum or the subject matter knowledge and skills of the teachers of deaf students.
Be it resolved: That ACE-DHH supports the recommendations to ensure that deaf and hard of hearing students receive the same educational opportunities as their hearing peers. That an ad hoc committee be appointed by CED member organizations to make recommendations for: 1) Curriculum reform in regular education subject matter for deaf and hard of hearing student, and 2) Teacher subject matter competencies to improve subject matter instruction in order that deaf and hard of hearing students receive the same academic curriculum opportunities as are available to students in the public schools.

Motion to support the resolution was passed.


Adjourned until Sunday
Submitted by Karen Dilka