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Executive Board Meeting, Friday, March 1, 1996

The Executive Board meeting was called to order by President Tom Jones. Members present included Paul Crutchfield, Shirin Antia, Ed Shroyer, Barry Griffing, David Mercaldo, and Karen Dilka.

Conference Update:
Ed Shroyer reported there were seventy-one people registered for the conference. Forty-seven were pre-registered and twenty-four individuals were speakers or staying elsewhere. The conference fee of $130 was based on 50 people attending and we exceeded that number. Banquet tickets were sold as cost for $32. A time limit has been set for the purchase of banquet tickets. The Williamsburg tour ticket includes five sites and other excursions such as the Carter Plantation are available upon request. Contact Kendra Markay for arrangements. Other provisions include reductions for those persons who chose to come for only one day ($30). TDD's are available as well as other devices, such as door knockers and bed shakers. Speaker ribbons will be provided for presenter. It was noted by Shirin Antia that speakers must register. Doctoral students should be encouraged to attend the conference. Shirin Antia explained the process of proposal acceptance. A committee was established to read and recommend topics/presenters.

The corrected minutes of the previous business meeting June 24, 1995 in Minneapolis were distributed. Paul Crutchfield moved to accept the minutes and Shirin Antia seconded. Approved with corrections.

Treasurers Report:
Barry Griffing informed the board that the financial balance as of February 26, 1996 was $9341.36. After the 1995 conference, ACE-DHH had a balance of $5,746.51. An estimate revenue for one year, a proposed budget, and budget guidelines were presented. Tom Jones recommended taking action on the guidelines, Barry Griffing moved to do so, and Karen Dilka seconded the motion. Unanimously passed. Shirin Antia moved to accept the proposed budget and Paul Crutchfield seconded. Motion approved. Questions arose regarding the per diem and honorarium allowed for the primary conference speaker. It was suggested that a limit be placed on honorarium. It was agreed that a range of $500 to $800 would be adopted for the primary speaker.

David Mercaldo reported election results and the small number of members that voted.

Old Business:
Tom Jones provided an agenda for the business meeting on Saturday. CED revisions were thoroughly discussed and the implications for ACE-DHH were clarified. Recommendations will be submitted for membership approval.

New Business:
Additional items for the business meeting include the CED content issue and funding for postsecondary programs.

Submitted by Karen Dilka