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Highlights of the July CED Board Meeting

Treasurer's Report:
For the first time in several years, CED completed the year in the black. The major variable was an increase in the number of applications for certification. A budget of income and expenses for the coming year was approved.

The certification office was moved to Rochester a year ago and has been working well. A number of ideas were discussed for changing the application forms, for increasing the number of applications, and for encouraging previously certificated individuals to re-apply.

Program Approval:
Policies concerning the role of the CED Board in the program approval process, timing of panel meetings to precede CED Board meetings, and responses to programs whose approval had lapsed were discussed. A program which had responded to CED concerns was commended, one lapsed program was dropped from the listing of CED-approved programs, and another program was given a one-year extension to complete the review process.

Program Evaluation Standards:
Standards were proposed by three task forces focusing on Auditory- Oral, Bilingual-Bicultural, and Comprehensive programs respectively. Because of inconsistencies in the format of the three groups of standards, and overlaps among their standards, Barbara Schirmer volunteered to edit them in a form for constituent organizations and individuals to review. It was indicated the Board needed input from the CED constituent organizations before they could recommend the standards. It is hoped that each organization would approve the standards before the CED Board meets in the summer of 1997. Because the standards will have the largest impact on ACE-DHH members, who will consider approving the standards at the March meeting, CED will meet concurrently so that CED board members will have the input from ACE-DHH.

Joint Committee Guidelines:
Policies were approved for CED participation and support of joint committee work.

Subject Matter Competencies:
The Board approved a resolution focusing on curriculum reform and the importance of subject matter competencies for all teachers.

New President:
Selection of the presidency of CED has rotated to CAID. Oscar Cohen announced that Larry Fleischer would be the new CED president.

The meeting closed with a round of applause for the job done by Patrick Stone as CED President.