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Proposed ACE-DHH By-Laws Changes

The following By-Laws changes were discussed and supported by votes at the 1996 Conference in Williamsburg. Before they can be legally approved, however, they must be published in the Newsletter at least 60 days prior to the annual meeting. A 2/3 vote of members present at the meeting is required for adoption. The specific changes are shown below:

Article III, Section 2.2.4
The duties of the President Elect include ] Serve as a representative of the Association on the Council on Education of the Deaf (CED) Board which meets each December and June/July

Delete the section.

[This leaves the President and Past-President as the Association s two representatives to CED.]

Reducing CED representatives from each constituent organization from three to two was approved by all of the CED member organizations, including ACE-DHH.

Article V, Section 1.2
Responsibilities of the [Executive] Committee may be carried out by the Executive Committee as a whole or by subcommittees designated by the Chair [i.e., The Association President who serves as Executive Committee Chair]. Responsibilities shall include the following: [four areas of responsibility follow]

Add the following section delineating a fifth area of responsibility for the Executive Committee:
1.2.5. Act upon any matters already approved by the membership, and then brought to the CED Board for consideration, except for matter directly affecting or changing certification and accreditation standards.

Avoids the dilemma of requiring the full membership to debate and act upon CED actions twice, both before and after approval by the CED Executive Board.