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The Video Camera in the Classroom: A Great Tool for Parental Support and Involvement

Henry E. Teller, The University of Southern Mississippi

This presentation and discussion centered around how teachers are using video cameras in the classroom to record themselves teaching their students, and how they are sharing these tapes with their students parents.

Elementary-age students enjoy being videotaped and taking the tapes home to show to their parents. Through watching the tapes, the parents learn what their children are being taught in class and, perhaps more important, how the teacher is teaching their child.

Videotape provides the teacher a medium to speak to the parents while they are teaching. The teacher can model instruction for the parents to continue at home or simply talk to the parents via the videotape.

The following are just a few areas that teachers of the deaf have found videotape useful in communicating with parents:

The new rapport developed with parents via the videotape has led to increased parent participation at school and more phone conversations initiated by parents.