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Facilitating the Development of Professional Portfolios by Preservice Teachers of Deaf/Hard of Hearing Students

Mary Ellen Nevins, Kean College of New Jersey

New NCATE standards, as well as mandates from the New Jersey State Department of Education, prompted the faculty of the Kean College School of Education to consider the role of portfolio development in assessing student outcomes in a holistic fashion. Principals and supervisors in the field confirmed the fact that teacher applicants who came to interviews with professional portfolios were generally the ones who were awarded the positions they were seeking. Thus, faculty believed that by formalizing the process of portfolio development across the School of Education, we would create a vehicle that would encourage self evaluation on the part of the student and lead to better program evaluation overall. Given this belief, the Coordinator of the Program in Education of the Hearing Impaired set about the task of creating guidelines for the development of a professional portfolio by students seeking to become teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing.

The discussion group outlined the necessary background knowledge regarding the topic of portfolio development, however, the thrust of the discussion was the critique of the working draft for portfolio development in the undergraduate teacher education program at Kean.