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Surviving the Challenges:

Private College Faculty Roles and Responsibilities

Esther B. Brassell & Kathleena M. Whitesell, Lenoir-Rhyne College

Complex and increased professional responsibilities at private colleges demand innovative solutions. Sharing successful approaches to problems common among private college faculty members provided new ideas and tools for increasing productivity and satisfaction.

Participants determined problems and concerns which are of interest to all present.

I. Professional responsibilities: Surviving the weight of acquired tasks

A . Identifying issues, concern and challenges shared by the group
B . Constraints on excellent plans: Time and money
C . Sharing success - what works?
II. Student teaching issues in the 90s
A. Placement decisions
B . Successful integration of theoretical base in a variety of settings
C . Changing roles and responsibilities of classroom teachers
III. Accreditation
A. Issues of concern
B. Sharing strategies for success