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Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer s Report to the membership includes three parts. First, the change of Treasurers in July 1995 included a checking account balance of $5,746.51 transfer from South Dakota to Idaho. (See July 1995 Report.)

Second, the organization s membership currently stands at 89 individuals, including university/college professionals, students, and retired professionals. Membership dues and registrations at the Williamsburg conference brought the account balance to $9,341.36 just prior to the March 1996 meeting. (See July 1, 1995-February 26, 1996 Financial Report.)

Finally, the excellent attendance at the Williamsburg conference and prudent conference management has resulted in a current balance of $9,909.52 with virtually all conference expenses paid in full.

The Board decided that the organization needs to operate within ACE-DHH Budget Guidelines. These Guidelines were adopted by the Board in Williamsburg.

ACE-DHH Budget Guidelines

1. Expenditures shall not exceed approved budgeted line-item amounts.
2. The following shall apply to the ACE-DHH annual conference:
2. 1 Local conference hosts shall conform to the conference budget.
2. 2 Funds and registration fees collected by the host agency shall be forwarded to the Treasurer for deposit in the ACE-DHH account.
2. 3 Expenses associated with the conference shall be sent to the Treasurer for payment. Appropriate invoices and receipts must accompany requests for payment or reimbursement.
2. 4 A conference host agency may request up to $500 for costs associated with planning for the conference. All funds expended from this allowance must be accounted for with invoices and receipts.
2. 5 A conference keynote speaker shall be allowed an honorarium approved by the Board plus travel to/from the conference site.
2. 6 The keynote speaker expenses, including room/meals, shall be provided by the organization. The room shall be direct billed by the hotel to ACE-DHH. Meals are provided by a $50 per diem allowance.
2. 7 Local hotel arrangements may include one or more complimentary rooms. When this happens, the first free room shall be used for the keynote speaker. A second free or complimentary room given to the conference may be used by the local arrangements chairperson. Should a third complimentary room be available, it shall be used by the President.
3. Travel expenses by the Board for ACE-DHH business will be paid only when the individual members have no other resources for travel expenses. Travel expenses shall be approved in advance by the President.
4. Organizational newsletter costs are to be reimbursed to the Editor upon receipt or invoice.
5. Payments to organizational liaison membership dues shall be paid by the Treasurer upon approval by the Board.
6. Use of contingency funds may be reallocated to other line-item expenditures upon approval of both the Treasurer and the President or the President- Elect.
7. The Treasurer shall make financial reports to the Board two times: (a) at the end of the calendar year and (b) at the conclusion of the membership year. The President may request a financial report at any time she/he deems necessary.
8. The Treasurer shall attempt to maintain at least a $3,000 balance in the ACE-DHH account; and to the extent possible, organizational funds shall be kept in an interest-earning account.
9. The President may request an audit of ACE-DHH financial management at any time she/he deems appropriate. The Treasurer shall cooperate fully in such audits. Treasurer s Report, continued
10. Upon transfer of responsibility of ACE-DHH financial affairs to a new Treasurer, all records, files and funds shall be promptly sent to the new officer.
11. Conference speakers, with the exception of the keynote speaker, will be required to register for the conference.
12. The Treasurer shall assist with conference registration and be the custodian of membership applications and conference registration fees.
13. The Treasurer shall be responsible for establishing and managing an account with the conference hotel for all charges associated with the conference.

The Board adopted a proposed ACE-DHH Budget for May 1996-May 1997. This budget was reviewed and approved by the general membership at the Williamsburg conference. The approved Budget shows an expected revenue for the organization of $13,600 and expenditures of $8,900. (The ACE-DHH Board desires to maintain a balance of at least $3,000 from one fiscal year to the next.)

...Barry Griffing