Kendall Demonstration Elementary School Curriculum Guides

by KDES Faculty and Staff

Key words: Information/books/Deafness Specific Professional Resources

These guides provide detailed information to help teachers organize curriculum, structure classes, and develop individualized education programs. Guides are punched for a 3-ring binder.

#A3777 Paper, 200 pages, $17.95

#A6008 Paper, 125 pages, $9.95

Language Arts
#A1432 Paper, 240 pages, $14.75

Social Studies
#A0433 Paper, 304 pages, $15.95

#A0432 Paper, 163 pages, $12.95

#A0431 Paper, 342 pages, $16.95

To order:
Contact: Pre-College Programs office - 202-651-5340
202-651-5489 (fax)

Uploaded by: Melissa Close/Kent State University/Deaf Education Major