Celebrating Judaism In The Home: A Manual for Deaf Jewish Families

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October, 1996

Temple Beth Solomon of the Deaf in Arleta, California, announces the publication of Celebrating Judaism In The Home: A Manual for Deaf Jewish Families, written by Rabbi Miriam Biatch. This 127 page manual includes creative and innovative ways of celebrating Judaism, its holidays and life-cycle events and has been created for families who have deaf members and who are not affiliated with synagogue communities, but it is useful and appropriate for all Jewish families everywhere. Unique to the manual are 30 blessings, presented in transliterated Hebrew, English and fully-illustrated Sign Language so that families can learn to sign the blessings together.

In addition to the body of the manual itself, the following are included: a glossary for quick reference for many words and concepts; a sign language dictionary, a table of the American Sign Language alphabet, a list of Referral Institutions, including agencies and offices for further information; a Resource list, including books and other written sources; and an Appendix comprised of a children's haggadah.

The manual's author, Rabbi Miriam Biatch, has worked with the Temple Beth Solomon of the Deaf community for the past five years. During that time, she has learned a great deal from the Deaf community and found an overwhelming hunger for Judaism among deaf Jews across the country. Thus the manual was born.

The funding for this project was provided by the The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, which allows us to keep the cost low and offer it to the community for $12.50/copy which includes postage and handling. (A 10% discount allowed on bulk orders of 10 or more.)

To order contact:
Temple Beth Solomon of the Deaf
1380 Osborne Street
Arleta, CA 91331

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