Developing Cognition in Young Children Who Are Deaf

Wondering where to begin?

Key Words:Deaf education information, books and journals

This program was developed to help families of young children who are deaf stimulate the development of thinking skills in their children. Promoting the deaf child's early development of thinking may enhance the child's development of communication. This is especially important since the development of communication is central to the deaf child's personal, social, and educational growth and success.

The topics in this program will enable family members to promote the deaf child's early development of cognition. Each topic has three sections. First, an outline is presented of the key concepts in the topic. Next, the topic is presented. Finally, review questions are given. These questions can be used to stimulate discussion with family members about the concepts in the topic.

This text includes about 150 suggested readings and references as well as appendixes with over 50 activities for families to use immediately!
Watkins, Susan (1994). Developing Cognition in Young Children Who Are Deaf.Logan,Utah:HOPE Inc.

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