ASL Literature Series:

Teacher's Guide & Videotape

Presenting an opportunity to study and appreciate ASL and its culture!

Keywords: Deaf Education Information/Books and Journals/sign language manuals and texts

Sam Supalla and Ben Bahan
112-page Guide, 8 1/2 x 11
One 77-minute Video
ISBN: 0-915035-21-9
#2401 $65.00

Studying a community or a culture through its literature is a necessary and vital element of any foreign language curriculum. Now, for the first time, ASL students can study the language and culture of the Deaf community through this first set in the ASL Literature Series. This series responds to the increasing demand and need for such literature to support studies in ASL.

The Teacher's Guide shows you how to use the products and make the most of classroom time. Each chapter contains special activities and lesson plans with detailed steps to follow.

This set includes two original ASL narratives- Bird of a Different Feather by Ben Bahan and For a Decent Living by Sam Supalla- both based on the Deaf experience. Designed as supplemental materials for ASL classes, the narratives can also be used as a component of ASL, Deaf Studies, or ESL curricula for hearing and deaf students.

For every Teacher's Guide & Videotape purchased, the instructor will recieve a desk copy of the Student Workbook & Videotext, and a copy of the Collector's Edition.

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