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Executive Board Minutes

March 2, 1993, Gleneden Beach, Oregon
Meeting called to order at 1:23 p.m.

Present: Marilyn Sass-Lehrer, Paul Crutchfield, Roberta Truax, Jill Stoefen-Fisher, Joseph Innes, Thomas Jones.

Old Business

Ballot Cards. Agreed that the Association Treasurer will distribute ballot cards to regulate voting privileges during annual meetings of the Association. The treasurer will distribute cards only to those who are listed as voting members of the Association.

Timelines for Publication of Minutes and Summaries of Meetings. Agreed to publish approved minutes of Association meetings in the Association Newsletter. The Fall edition of the newsletter will include a summary of the regular meeting and approved minutes of the Executive Board meeting held in March.

Proposed CED Communication Standard. With regard to the proposed CED Communication Standard presented for approval by the Association during the annual meeting, it was agreed to report to CED that the Association approved the atheestandard as submitted to the membership. Roberta Truax agreed, if necessary, to write a letter requesting a special vote or other action.

Annual Conference. Agreed that the annual conference should begin on Saturday and conclude on Monday. This will allow Association members to take advantage of lower airfares, and also accommodate the needs of doctoral students and others who may wish to attend.

New Business

Categories and Restructuring of Dues. Categories and the dues structure was reviewed. Association costs are increasing and the present structure may not sustain the Association's activities at the current level. There is also a need to provide for the needs of individuals who desire to be categorized as non-voting student or emeritus members. The Executive Board agreed to recommend to the following dues structure: Full, $40; Emeritus, $20; Student, $20. Changes in the categories or dues structure will require a vote of the at the annual meeting.

Revision of Forms. Agreed that the form needs to be revised to include information on categories, and to update or obtain addresses, phone numbers, FAX numbers, and E-MAIL addresses.

Alternative to CED Standards Revision/Development Committee. Selected Judith Johnson, alternate for Gerilee Gustason, as Association representative to the CED standards development committee.

Guideline for Exhibits. Agreed to reiterate the Associations position that people are not to set up items for sale during the annual conference. Exhibit guidelines need to be established and published in the Association Newsletter.

Meeting adjourned at 2:40 p.m.

Joseph J. Innes, Secretary