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CED-CEC Joint Standards Committee

The joint committee of CED and CEC was appointed to reflect representation from all of the constituent organizations as well as members of the Deaf community and parents of Deaf children. The first meeting, in Atlanta, was co-chaired by Susan Easterbrooks (CEC) and Kathee Christensen (CED). The second and third meetings occurred during the CAID conference in Baltimore. The committee has worked together in a very positive manner. The three meetings resulted in a draft document which identifies the Knowledge and Skills Statements for Beginning Teachers of Students who are Deaf or Hard-of-hearing. This draft is being circulated to members of the individual organizations in the field of deafness. The ACE-DHH representatives to the joint committee are Geri Gustason and Roberta Truax. They will be contacting ACE-DHH members for feedback on the document, so that a final draft can be considered at the next joint committee meeting, Dec. 2 and 3, at Gallaudet University. If you are interested in providing input, please contact Bert or Geri for a copy of the document. We hope that the final document will bring together the best ideas of all of our professional organizations to improve teacher preparation across the United States. We are looking forward to your additions, corrections and revisions. Ultimately, we foresee only one accreditation visit which will cover both CEC and CED requirements, as well as those mandated by NCATE for those universities and colleges who are NCATE accredited.

Kathee Christensen