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1994 Conference Planning Survey

Would you take a moment to offer suggestions for any or all of the following to assist in planning for the 1994 conference in South Padre Island, Texas?

1. What would you suggest for the theme of the 1994 conference?

2. What particular topics would you like to have included?

3. What is your opinion of beginning the conference with a keynote speaker and panel response.

4. In previous conferences, the program included opportunities to share program information (innovations, research, challenges, e.g.). Would you like the program to include opportunities for such open discussions? If so, what topics would you suggest?

5. In recent conferences, the format included round table discussions, post sessions, and presentation/discussion groups. Do you have suggestions for modifying this format?

6. What general comments or suggestions would you offer for the 1994 conference?

Thank you for the contribution you are making to the 1994 conference by responding to this survey. Please mail the completed form to:

Paul Crutchfield
Education Department
Flagler College
P.O. Box 1027
St. Augustine, FL 32084