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1993 ACE-HI Business Meeting:

Feb. 29, 1993

Unofficial Minutes

President Roberta Truax opened the meeting with a "thank you" to past executive board members and this year's local arrangements committee.

It was moved that the official minutes will be read and accepted by executive committee, and that a summary of the business meeting minutes be published in the newsletter. The motion passed.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Marge Harrington reported that ACE-HI currently has 80 members. She also reported that 68 individuals were attending the '93 conference. The current balance is $12,147.99. This figure includes all conference monies; however it does not reflect the conference expenses.


Geri Gustason said that CED approved the proposed RID standards and that the standards are in the process of being printed.

Harold Johnson was announced to be the new Director for CED Program Evaluation

Marilyn Sass-Lehrer indicated that the ASHA/CED Joint Committee draft information will be available just before the CAID conference.

Marilyn Sass-Lehrer gave a brief update regarding the "Deaf Education Initiative Project." Marilyn stated that she and Jay Innes are members of the task force. The basic goals of the task force, and its current membership and agenda were described. The essential focus of the task force is to develop material that can help state special education directors to provide appropriate services to deaf students. Questions, comments and concerns regarding the task force dealt with the "representativeness" of it's membership, the equal representation of all the states, and the general lack of information that most people have concerning this project.

Old Business

Election Results. Barbara Schirmer, Chair of the Membership and Nominations Committee, announced the results of this year's election:
(Jill Stoefen-Fisher will continue her term as treasurer.)

1994 Conference. Hank Teller volunteered to host the next conference in New Orleans. A request was made from the floor to consider South Padre Island in TX. Tony Martin indicated that the Island was 1 hour from the Brownsville airport. A discussion was held regarding the relative merits of both locations, i.e. New Orleans and S. Padre Island. It was suggested that the conference be held at the last rather than the first part of the week. A vote between the two cites determined that conference will be held at South Padre Island, Texas. Al White volunteered to take lead responsibility for the conference arrangements.

Name Change. Marge Harrington described the process through which ballots were mailed to ACE-HI members. A total of 28 valid ballots received. The results of the balloting was a tie between "Association of College Educators Deaf and Hard of Hearing" (ACE-DHH and "Association of College Educators in Education of the Deaf (ACE-ED).

It was moved that ACE-DHH be selected. A discussion followed regarding the appropriateness of the use of the terms "deaf" and "hard-of- hearing." The question was called, a vote was taken which resulted in the passing of the motion.

Constitution Issues. A motion was made that a committee be formed to make the necessary editorial changes in the constitution, i.e. as per our new name change. The question was called, a vote was made, the motion was accepted.

Roberta Truax identified a large number of editorial changes that needed to be made within the constitution. Those changes and the resulting actions were as follows:

Article VI. A mistake was made in calling the International Exchange Committee and the Research & Grants Network Committee standing committees. These committees should have been noted as ad hoc, not standing. It was moved that this error be corrected. The question was called, a vote was made, and the motion passed.

Article I, section 1.1.1 - last year it was decided that the section should read "be a regular faculty member in a post secondary institution..." This is a change from previous by-laws which specified "...50% or more of his/her professional responsibilities." It was moved to accept the proposed rewording. After extensive discussion the motion was amended to include the words "be a faculty member in a post-secondary institution and be involved in the education of professional personnel in the field of education of deaf and hard-of-hearing students". The motion passed as amended.

Section 2.0 Emeritus Membership. The need for editorial revision was noted and moved. The motion passed.

Section 2.2.1. The need to add the phrase "without voting privilege" was moved and discussed. The motion failed It was agreed that this section should be reviewed by the ad hoc By- laws Committee.

Section 3.0 Associate Member, 3.2.1. Editorial changes and adding "without voting privilege" were moved. The motion passed.

Section 4.0 Application & Renewal, 4.1 [term of membership]. Adding "membership year shall be from January 1 through Dec 31" was moved. The motion passed.

Article III, 1.2.9. Adding "Serve as a representative of the Association on the CED Board which meets each December and June/July" was discussed. It was moved that remaining constitution changes, as published in the newsletter, be accepted as proposed. A friendly amendment was put forth and accepted that all of the proposed changes, with the exception of section 5.1.3 [i.e., "the executive committee will select three representatives to CED"] and article 7.0 section 2.0, be accepted as proposed. The motion passed.

New Business

CED Board Meeting: Standards Committee. Kathee Christensen summarized the recent Board activities; i.e. the revision of CED standards, the coordination of those revisions with CEC, and the unifying of CED, CEC and NCATE program reviews. She explained that each of the CED member organizations will select two members to work on the standards revisions. The decision is up to the president of the each member organization concerning who will represent their organization during the standards work. The first meeting of the CED Standards Committee will be in June, at CAID. Roberta Truax will represent ACE-DHH as president and Geri Gustason as a member. Tom Jones will serve as the alternate for Roberta; an alternate for Geri has not been identified. By CED member organization agreement, each organization would be represented by a hearing person and a deaf person. The importance of this committee and of our representation on the committee was stressed. The point was made that whoever is appointed, they will have to serve for a two-year period and that all ACE-DHH members should convey their thoughts regarding this matter.

CED Board Meeting: NAD Membership. Kathee Christensen gave a brief review of the 1985 application of ACE-HI and NAD to the CED Board, the current re-examination of the NAD application, and the NCATE standards for consumer representation as it relates to CED. Kathee indicated the need for ACE-DHH to vote NAD application for CED membership. Jay Innes, summarized the history, organization and focus of NAD. He stressed that a significant part of that focus is upon education and working closely with existing professional organizations. He indicated that a particular focus of NAD is the preparation of teachers and educational services to deaf students. He described a number of position papers that NAD is currently developing as well as their ongoing, yet still emerging, educational policy work. A question was raised regarding the membership of NAD. Jay stated that anyone who is involved with deafness is welcome, regardless of whether they are hearing, hard-of-hearing or deaf. He stressed that NAD has a very inclusive membership policy.

It was moved that ACE-DHH support NAD's application for membership to the CED Board. During the following discussion, it was noted that NAD currently has about 17,000 members and that approximately 175 of those individuals participate in NAD's education section. It was also stated that NAD is currently working within the Deaf Initiative Project. The motion passed unanimously.

CED Board Meeting: ASL Task Force. Kathee Christensen outlined the ASL standard for those programs that say they prepare teachers to work in bilingual/bicultural settings. Kathee identified a problem in our CED manual regarding what constitutes ASL and what is required of programs with this focus. The plan is to develop a standard that programs must address in their CED evaluation reports. Roberta Truax moved accepting the CED Board recommendation concerning this issue, i.e. the CED standards for program evaluation [section 1.2.4] should state:

She noted that each program will have to make its own case regarding how it meets this standard. After extensive discussion, the motion passed.

Submitted by Harold Johnson, Secretary