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Official ACE-DHH Ballot

Signed Ballots Must be Returned by February 21!

Please vote for one individual for each office by marking the box to the left of the individual's name. Space has been provided if you wish to cast a write-in vote. (Please note that all ACE-DHH offices are for 1-year terms, except treasurer which is for a 2-year term. The election for treasurer is scheduled for next year.)


(Vote for one.)


(Vote for one.)

Membership and Elections Committee

(Vote for three.)

Publications Committee

(Vote for three.)

Your signature is needed on the ballot only for the reason that only ballots submitted by paid-up regular members can be counted. Please sign your ballot so that we can make this determination. Your vote will be kept strictly confidential.

Signed ballots should be returned by February 21 to Jerry Crittenden, Chair of the Membership and Elections Committee. His address is 2012 Clement Rd., Lutz, FL 33549. Ballots also may be FAXed to Jerry's attention at (813) 974-2668.