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Summary of Business Meetings 18th Annual ACE- HI Conference

1st Business Meeting: March 1, 1992

The treasurer, Marge Harrington, reported that ACE-HI has a current balance of $9,383.00, with 90 paid members, and 54 individuals in attendance at the '92 convention. It was noted that a large portion of the balance will be needed to pay for the convention this year.

The Election Committee Chairperson (G. Gustason) shared the results of the '92 election, those results were as follows:

President Marilyn Sass-Lehrer
Vice Pres. Connie Richards
Treasurer Jill Stoefen-Fisher
Secretary Harold Johnson
Publications Tom Jones (Chair)
Judy Egleston-Dodd
Barbara Luetke-Stahlman
Nominations Barbara Schirmer (Chair)
Jerry Crittenden
Joyce Groode

CED Proposed Sign Language Standard:

A report was given by ACE- HI's CED representative, Kathee Christensen. She reported that a multicultural standard has been added to the CED material. Discussion then turned to the proposed CED sign language standard.

RID Education Interpreter Standard Proposal:

The RID representative, Gerilee Gustason, gave a brief review of how, when and why the proposed education interpreter standards were developed. She noted that the proposed standards would not be included in the CED standards. The issue was whether CED and ACE-HI as one of its member organizations should support the proposed RID educational interpreter standards. It is RID's hope that the proposed standards will serve as guidelines that will be used to enhance the performance expectations of RID certified interpreters who are working in educational settings. It was moved and seconded that the proposed RID education interpreter standards be accepted. The vote in favor of accepting the proposed RID standards was unanimous.

2nd Business Meeting: March 2, 1992

Discussion focused upon the appropriate wording for the proposed CED sign language standard. A subcommittee of ACE-HI members offered the following wording:

In programs preparing teachers for sign communication environments students must demonstrate fluency in production and comprehension of ASL and/or a sign system.

It was moved and seconded that the proposed wording be accepted. A hand ballot indicated acceptance of the proposal. Kathee Christensen write an a paper for the Fall ACE-HI newsletter regarding the proposed CED sign language standard.

Harold Johnson announced the formation of an ad hoc subcommittee on Research and Grant Activities. The goal of the committee will be to establish consensus of ACE-HI members regarding the major issues on which we should focus our investigative efforts. The committee will use the Bitnet and SpecialNet telecommunication systems both to share and gather information. It was further announced that a new DEAF.ED bulletin board has been established on SpecialNet.

Kathee Christensen outlined the bylaw changes that the Executive Board considered and recommended for approval. The full text of those changes will be presented in the Fall ACE-HI newsletter.

It was moved and seconded that ACE-HI change its name. Several possible changes were discussed. In most, the term "deaf" was substituted for the current term "hearing impaired". The need for careful consideration of this issue was stressed by several discussants. After a "call for the question", the resulting hand ballot indicated that the majority of those present were not in favor of a name change. More on this issue will be presented elsewhere in the Fall newsletter.

It was moved and seconded that the proposed bylaw changes be sent to ACE-HI members with the intent that they be voted on next year. The question was called and a hand ballot indicated unanimous approval.

It was moved and seconded that the term "hearing Impaired" be stricken and replaced by the term "deaf and hard of hearing" in the ACE- HI constitution and by laws. The question was called and a hand ballot indicated unanimous approval.

Harold A. Johnson, Secretary