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International Exchange Committee

For decades teachers of the deaf from developing nations around the world have sought opportunities to upgrade their professional skills by establishing contacts with teacher education programs and schools for the deaf in countries with longer-established educational systems. At the 1992 ACE-HI Annual Conference a committee was established to coordinate an effort to provide opportunities for teachers from abroad who might benefit from a year of additional preparation. The purposes of the committee will be:
  1. To determine if ACE-HI member institutions would be in a position to accept and offer scholarships (perhaps, one per school) to cover academic and living expenses of qualified foreign teachers.
  2. To establish selection criteria and to create a "locater service" using existing international organizations such as the Institute of International Education, the World Council of Chruches, Rotary International, or our own international teacher education alumni.
  3. To establish a "clearinghouse" to match applicnats with institutions whose educational perspectives and curricula might best meet their needs.
  4. To seek foundation support for a funding base which could be used to underwrite travel and miscellaneous expenses of these teachers, many of whom, no doubt, will be coming from nations that seriously restrict or prohibit currency from leaving their borders.
  5. To set in place a follow-up service, when practical, using state-of-the-art (FAX or e-mail distribution) communication devices to keep international alumni in close contact with new developments.

Alan Marvelli who will be chairing this committee is preparing a brief questionnnaire to determine which ACE-HI members might be willing to participate (or to seek central administrative support for participating) and/or to contact their alumni abroad to begin establishing a network. In the meantime if you know that you can and want to become involved in such a project, please contact Alan at one of the following:

USPS: Smith-Clarke Program Office of
Graduate Studies Smith College Northampton,
MA 01063
Telephone: 413-585-3050
TDD: 413-584-3450