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Research & Grants Networking Committee

ACE-HI, at the Denver conference, established an ad hoc committee on "Research & Grant Activities". Harold Johnson, Associate Professor at Kent State University, was appointed to chair the committee.

The basic purpose of the committee is to foster the identification, conceptualization, design, pilot, implementation and reporting of research on effective education of deaf and hard-of-hearing students. The first task of the committee is to establish a consensus concerning the major problems or questions that we face within that education. In order for this to occur, your comments, questions,ideas and suggestions are needed. If you participate, then we can began the process of agreeing to agree. This does not mean that we will all agree on the same thing. However, it does mean that we can no longer afford to be the separately, often competing, entities into which we have evolved.

The question of what are the issues/questions we should focus upon to improve the educational opportunities we provide to our students is "on the table". What is your response to this question?

Harold A. Johnson