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From the President's Pen

I hope that everyone is making plans to get to Salishan next February! Denver '92 offered great weather, super company and some grand food for thought. The local arrangers from the University of Northern Colorado at Greeley, Bob Gonzales and John Luckner, selected a fine facility and ran a smooth show. The presenters offered stimulating sessions. Bob Yinger's keynote, "Rethinking Teacher Education," has helped me refocus my energies in this area.

Even though each of us has a different perspective, depending upon our age and experiences, we know that American and Canadian culture as a whole is not what it was 35 years ago when the space age began. There have been broad transitions in the mainstream that are having an impact on schools and schooling. Women, ethnic minorities, and individuals with special needs have shed old roles and taken on new ones. Technological developments, medical advances, legislative activities and new professions also have been playing major roles in the alteration of societal norms.

Professional norms have not escaped the transcactive processes occurring within society. Educators in the field of deafness have become increasingly involved in making alliances with new groups and in interacting in new ways with old ones, assuming new roles and seeing issues from new perspectives. College students preparing to enter the field are likely to experience at least as much change in society in general and in the field per se during their careers as we have. We must wisely rethink teacher education today, to ensure a sound future for the field of education and their roles within it. I believe we must be open in our "re-visioning" processes, setting forth high expectations, risking new alliances, and researching our ideas. Between now and next February, let's continue our rethinking and dreaming and, then, do some rethinking together at Salishan '93!

Roberta Truax