The Parent Project:

A Workshop Approach to Parent Involvement

Keywords: Deaf Education Information/Books and Journals/Related professional resources

by James Vopat

248 pages/ paperback
ISBN: 1-57110-001-6

Involving parents in their children's schooling is a matter of intense concern in North America. Teachers and administrators want to construct a program that creates positive involvement. This is especially critical for Chapter I schools that are mandated to use a portion of their funds for home-and-school programs.

Jim Vopat believes that parental involvement should strengthen the link between home and school, and to achieve this goal parents need to be introduced to the revitalized school classroom.The Parent Project calls on the most powerful aspects of school reform- workshops, journals, cooperative groups, shared reading, agenda building, interviewing, goal setting, and critical thinking- classroom learning strategies experienced by children every day. When parents work with these strategies, they understand them and discover how to support them.
Using a workshop/process model, parents become involved with their children's classroom activities and are thus empowered to support their children's education. These workshops ensure participant ownership of a program's overall agenda while providing long-term structures for support and continued development.

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